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ZIP Password Recovery v1.0

Recovers lost passwords for ZIP Archives.

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To ensure the safety of confidential data we send through e-mail, share over file exchange or copy to removable media, we often put it to a ZIP-compressed folder and lock that folder with a password. The more data we produce, the more passwords we have to remember. How many passwords can you actually keep in your head?

Lost ZIP Password?

Just imagine. You came to the office this shiny day just to make the final touch and close the project that had lasted for several months and suddenly realized that you no longer remembered the password to the project ZIP: Or has it already happened to you?

Recover Lost Password with a Single Click

ZIP Password Recovery provides a single-click solution for recovering lost ZIP passwords. The program will work with ZIP files created with all versions of WinZip, PKZip and all other programs that can make ZIP-compatible archives. Even self-extracting archives (SFX) are supported.

Unknown, Partially Known, and Strong Passwords

Now you can recover your lost ZIP password even if you have only an idea of what your password was. For example, you could remember just the first few letters of the password. Or that the password contained a name or a common word.

ZIP Password Recovery will recover the majority of lost ZIP passwords seamlessly. And if you remember absolutely nothing about your lost password, the program will try to find the match among the most common passwords.

The program is aware of all popular techniques for improving password strength. For example, if your password has all the S characters replaced with the $ sign, or if some character is entered twice, that will not affect the password recovery speed.

Get The Full Version Now!

Personal License

Get The Full Version of ZIP Password Recovery (for personal use) ($29.95)

With the personal license you can use the program for noncommercial purposes
in nonbusiness, noncommercial environment (at home); one licence per one computer.

Business License

Get The Full Version of ZIP Password Recovery (for business use) ($59.95)

With the business license you can use the program in a corporate, government
or business environment; one licence per one computer.


  • Outstanding operating speed - hundreds of millions of password checks each minute.
  • Picks correct password regardless of archive size.
  • Supports all archive sizes including ZIP64 format for archives of literally infinite sizes.
  • Supports all encryption types, including strong AES encryption.
  • Supports multiple-volume archives.

More Screenshots

ZIP Archive Password

ZIP Pasword attack

Advanced Wizard

System Requirements

  • Windows 9x, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista
  • 4-10 MB of free disk space is required depending on the distribution.