Introduction to Writer Password Recovery

Writer Password Recovery

Writer Password Recovery lets users recover lost or forgotten passwords to protected documents that have been created in Writer. It’ll also remove all types of protection instantly. The program supports all types of Writer documents and will retrieve any password regardless of the language it’s been written in, encoding or length.

Losing a password to a protected document is not as uncommon as one may think. It often happens due to a foolish mistake, a system or hardware failure. For example, you may set up a password with a typo, or using the German keyboard layout, instead of the English one. Or, you may lose a paper page, where you’ve written the password. Or, an electronic document with your passwords may be lost due to a system error or because not long ago you decided to clean up your files and deleted the document by mistake.

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The chances of successful password recovery considerably increase when Writer Password Recovery is provided with some additional attributes of a password in case some letters or digits in a password are known or when a password has been setup based on the known logical pattern. Writer Password Recovery supports the following document formats: OpenDocument Text (*.odt, *.sxw), OpenDocument Text Template (*.ott, *.stw), OpenDocument Master Document (*.odm, *.sxg), and HTML Document Template (*.oth).

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