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Solar System 3D ScreenSaver

Solar System 3D ScreenSaver: Views of the Solar System :: Nine Planets and Asteroids!

Download Solar System 3D ScreenSaver Now!Download Free Evaluation Version of Solar System 3D ScreenSaver [5.8 MB]


Solar System 3D ScreenSaver Screenshot
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Have you ever dreamed of getting a chance to see the rings of Saturn, the distant Pluto, the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Mars and of course the mother Earth from space? This screensaver is an outstanding 3D model of the solar system.

Every planet is there along with its satellites and even a small info graph with basic facts. All the proportions and trajectories are right. You get to float through some of the best known constellations like the Big Dipper and get a great view of the Milky Way. It's not only the sheer beauty but also the educational content that make Solar System 3D Screensaver an absolute must-have.

Get The Full Version Now!

Get the full version of Solar System 3D ScreenSaver Now!Get The Full Version of Solar System 3D ScreenSaver ($19.95)

With the personal license you can use the program for
noncommercial purposes only; one licence per one computer.


  • Full 3D environment
  • Photo-realistic colourful graphics
  • Variety of fascinating space scenes
  • The correct proportions and trajectories of planets
  • All the planets of the solar system including their well-known satellites
  • Every planet has been developed with special regards to its peculiar features
  • Basic info on every planet
  • Digital Clock
  • Relaxing space music
  • FPS counter
  • Hear the call of the universe!

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earth planet saturn planet solar system

System Requirements

  • Pentium II or higher
  • 32 Mb Video Memory
  • OpenGL-compatible video card
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP or 2003