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Remove Protection and Recover OpenOffice Documents
After Losing a Password gains more and more popularity every day. It's a completely free suite of office products that includes almost everything Microsoft Office has.

However, is more than just a free replacement for Microsoft Office. It is available for many platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux and other UNIX platforms, for the first time allowing Windows and Linux users to share common file formats and allowing group collaboration on complex projects.

As a true open source product with UNIX roots, supports strong document protection for ultimate security. All OpenOffice documents can be saved with a password, enabling strong password security. uses industry standard encryption methods that are extremely hard to break.

What happens if an OpenOffice user forgets or loses a password? Thanks to the strong password protection, protected OpenOffice documents can not be accessed without the right password. Until now, due to the extreme complexity of the password recovery task for the strong password protection employed by products, there were simply no means to recover a lost password and retrieve protected data.

OpenOffice Password Recovery by is a set of revolutionary new tools that stand up to the challenge of recovering passwords.

OpenOffice Password Recovery

OpenOffice Password Recovery recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Writer documents, Impress presentations, Calc spreadsheets, Math and Draw files, supporting all versions of the OpenOffice suite. The product effectively attacks strong passwords protecting OpenOffice documents, enabling you, the user, to recover important data even if a long and complex password was used to protect the documents.

OpenOffice Password Recovery includes tools for implementing all known types of smart attacks, thus greatly reducing the time needed to retrieve a password. Every little bit of information helps. Did your password have a natural word in it? No matter what that word was, just select that option in OpenOffice Password Recovery and chances are that your password will be displayed to you in almost no time!

Attack Profile Manager

Do you remember that the last character of your password was a capital letter, preceded with a two-digit number? That information alone could reduce the time needed to recover a password from several days to just a few hours! And, if it just came to you that your password started with an 'A', you would enter that to OpenOffice Password Recovery and recover your password even sooner.

OpenOffice Password Recovery is more than just a tool to break a password in a protected document. employs many different types of protection, such as cell and section protection in Writer, cell protection in Calc, or Calc document and sheet protection. All these and many more types of protection are easily removed with OpenOffice Password Recovery and in just an instant!

Remove any protection

OpenOffice Password Recovery can be purchased as a convenient suite that is able to recover a password from a document created with any application. If you only need to un-protect a single document, you can simply purchase the single tool that would only recover Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, or Math passwords. If you are not sure if your particular document can be unlocked, download the trial version from absolutely free and see for yourself that even the strongest protection can be removed in reasonable time with OpenOffice Password Recovery.