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Instant Access to Password Protected Microsoft Office Documents

If you were ever unable to open a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet protected with a password, you know how frustrating it feels. If you need to access that document right away, the frustration turns into urgent need to recover protected data.

Fire up a Google search and you'll be hit with numerous offers to recover your documents' passwords for highly varying fees. Such companies typically provide very fast recovery times ranging from an instant to very fast, depending on the complexity of your password and the version of Microsoft Office software that was used to save the document. Data recovery is their business, allowing them to have clusters of super computers handy to quickly break passwords of any length. Some of these services even do not ask for an upfront payment, billing you only if a document has been successfully recovered.

But what if your Excel spreadsheets or Word documents contain sensitive information? What if your company has strict security policies that forbid sending documents out of the corporate setting? Simply speaking, what if sending the encrypted document to an online data recovery service is not an option for security reasons?

In case you don't have a super computer handy, you are restricted to the limited resources of your personal or office computer, or your corporate server at best, thus making password recovery with brute force attacks a very lengthy process.

Solution? Try software designed specifically for instantly recovering Microsoft Word or Excel passwords regardless of your computer's performance. Office Password Recovery suite by Intelore offers you an ability to recover both Word and Excel passwords, while if you are on a budget, Word Password Recovery and Excel Password Recovery are available separately.

Excel Passwords

What makes these products really different is their ability to unlock your password protected documents and spreadsheets momentarily, without sending the entire document outside of your organization. If a document is password-protected for modification, or if it is weakly protected, the protection can be easily removed. Under these circumstances, no information will be sent outside of your corporate setting.

Word Password

Other types of documents may also be recovered instantly. Instead of providing the entire document with sensitive information to a third party, Intelore servers only take document encryption parameters, and then the decryption itself occurs on your computer, so that your sensitive information never leaves your organization.

Decryption Service

How is this even possible, and why all the password recovery services still exist?

This is a legitimate question. The answer is simple: instant password recovery is only possible under controlled circumstances. You can only recover documents that are protected with a password to open, and then saved by Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word 2000 and 97, as well as documents saved by later versions of Word and Excel XP, 2003, and 2007 in Office 2000/97 compatibility mode. In practice, vast majority of corporate documentation is saved in these legacy formats to ensure up and down compatibility within organization. Thanks to corporate policies regarding document compatibility, your Word and Excel documents may still be stored in the format that can be easily and instantly recovered with Office Password Recovery tools.

Decryption Service in Use

Try Word, Excel or Office Password Recovery suite to gain instant access to your protected documents! Download free evaluation versions at